About Limon Hills

Come experience the feeling of peace and serenity as a flock of Egrets ride the ocean trade winds through the property at eye level. The natural landscape of tropical life includes Lemon Trees, Palm trees, five varieties of Mango Trees, Papaya Trees and Coconut Trees right at your fingertips, which make this property a true paradise.

Playa Barbacoa is visible from your deck and  just a short 20-minute walk away and is just one example from the 30 miles of natural unspoiled pristine white sand beaches, each with its own personality.

At Limon Hills we have put a lot of thought into what ecologic footprint we will have on this earth.  This community is truly an Eco Paradise set in the majestic tropical mountains of the Samana Peninsualar.

Limon Hills rests above, not into the 1.6 acre hills. All the structures are built on columns so as not to disturb the original earth. All construction is with top quality materials, and is both earthquake and hurricane resistant.  Embracing state of the art technology, we are using a Bio Digester to process our waste, the processed waters being used for irrigating the garden.

For your convenience, each villa and apartment is provided allocated parking.

Locally there are a variety of International and typical Dominican restaurants with many different fare to choose from. The French Bakery serves delicious coffee, treats and sweet breads throughout the day.  If you have a flare for night life, there is a vibrant dance circuit which suits most tastes.

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